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Feeling Gobbly?


Remember those times when you were so caught up that stepping out for lunch was not an option? And you were so hungry that the wait time that came with your online order was just unbearable? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to your hunger woes now!

Say hello to Gobbly, India’s first automated store offering fresh food any time, every time. Always stocked up and ever approachable, Gobbly assures you that you stay full without having to step out! Whether you need a snack break or want a cool gulp, Gobbly’s got you covered. The next time you hear yourself say, “I’m feeling gobbly!”, you know where to be!

gobbly gobbly

How to Gobbly, you ask?
Just download it!

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    Gobbly easy

    Sign up and add Gobbly coins.

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    Gobbly smart

    Scan QR code to open door.

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    Gobbly handy

    Pick what you want. Keep what you don’t.

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    Gobbly smooth

    Complete purchase with Gobbly coins.


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